The power of a sound system is a key part that affects the quality of the audio . The power supplies are responsible for purifying the electrical current from any type of alteration, thus preventing it from affecting the sound.

The electrical energy that comes out of the socket is alternating current . This may be contaminated by interference generated by other electronic devices connected to the electrical network. For example, radio transmitters, fluorescent tubes, motors... And these alterations can corrupt the acoustic signal in the sound equipment.

In addition, power supplies are the first barrier so that any error in the electrical system, such as a power surge , does not damage the entire equipment. To do this, they usually have protection circuits.

A power supply converts 220V alternating current to 12 volt direct current . The best quality ones also filter the signal to reduce the high frequency at which the electrons vibrate. Well, it is this alteration that can corrupt the audio signal of the music system.

Once removed, the device will ring without any interference from the power supply.

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