Even the best music equipment can see its acoustic quality destroyed if the room is not prepared. Sound waves have a size when emitted, and can resonate against surfaces creating reflected sound. These interferences, such as the echo or acoustic vibration of a glass, cloud the acoustic experience and can ruin it.

Luckily, there are a large number of elements to acoustically condition a room and stop having noise problems. Conditioning should not be confused with acoustic insulation . The latter prevents outside sound from being heard inside the room and vice versa. For its part, isolation guarantees that the room does not affect the sound emitted by sound equipment inside it.

To achieve the best sound performance inside the room, improving the user experience, there are acoustic panels as well as acoustic absorbing materials. With different shapes, densities and specifications, we can find everything from acoustic diffusers to bass traps or absorbent panels . It is such an effective solution that it is used in homes, but also in recording studios. In fact, it is common to see how YouTubers use them to improve the sound while recording their videos and streamings.

If you have questions, contact us. At Concerto Audio we can advise you on which acoustic treatment is most suitable for your room and your needs. We make free shipping throughout Spain (check conditions) and our audio store is located in Alicante.

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