If you want to get a HiFi amplifier , this is the section you were looking for. The difference between integrated amplifiers and power amplifiers is that, by the former we refer to audio devices that, in addition to amplifying, have an input selector and other functions of the user's choice. Unlike power amplifiers, which are limited to receiving the sound signal and amplifying it without further additions.

Stereo amplifiers are an essential part of any sound system that wants to enjoy passive speakers. A good amplifier raises the volume of the sound, offers the necessary power to smoothly drive the speakers it is paired with, and maintains the quality of the audio signal without distorting it. That's the basic principle of high fidelity .

In HiFi audio equipment, amplifiers are a key piece as they are responsible for moving the boxes. To achieve high-quality audio reproduction all pieces of audio equipment need to be up to par, thus maintaining the quality of the sound signal at every step of the process.

In order for the integrated amplifier to perform its function correctly, it needs to receive a high-quality signal. That is, a Hi Fi amplifier will not be able to convert a signal obtained from a lower-end source into high fidelity. Therefore, it is appropriate to compose equipment with parts of equivalent level, which offers the best results.

If you have questions about which amplifier is best for your music system, contact us. At Concerto Audio we are specialists in audio and video, as well as installations. We also bring HiFi to Barcelona, Madrid, and all of Spain thanks to our online store. If you want to visit us in person, we are located in Playa de San Juan (Alicante).

Or if you prefer, let us create a custom team for you, within your budget. This way, you just have to relax, press Play on the remote control, and enjoy the happiness that audiophile quality music offers.

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