Do I need a DAC? ” is the question that every lover of good quality sound asks at some point. Digital sound is the most widespread currently, but its binary nature makes it more difficult to reproduce with quality than analog audio. However, with a good sound system, it is possible to reproduce Studio Master quality audio from a digital format.

DAC converters get their name from the acronym Digital to Analogue Converter . Its function is to translate digital audio from the binary code in which it is written, to a continuous (or analog ) format like the sound that humans can hear. Computers often have a sound card that takes care of this step. However, it is a delicate process if you are looking for good quality sound. Therefore, adding a DAC to your music system, or computer, is always a good audiophile decision.

To be able to reproduce large resolution files such as 192 kHz /24 bit in all their splendor, provide good digital volume to be able to play music on headphones or speakers, or improve the quality with which we listen to music, an external DAC is essential. The high-fidelity analog/digital converter has superior performance than internal sound cards, or the DAC integrated into multipurpose devices such as smartphones. Having one will improve the sample rate and other specifications of your equipment's audio.

While digital-to-analog converters handle audio, they are also a great addition to home theater equipment. After all, both Blu-ray and Dolby Digital movies are in digital format that must be converted to analog to be enjoyed.

At Concerto Audio we have a careful selection of DACs so you can improve the sound quality of your music system, computer or any device you use as a source.

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