The headphones offer a private listening experience that isolates you from the outside so you can fully immerse yourself in the music.

In the audiophile or High Fidelity range, the headphones are divided by their drivers between Planar Magnetic or dynamic headphones . They can also be classified by their design into open and closed, and by their style, into overear or circumaural headphones, oneear or supraural, and inear or in-ear headphones. Depending on their connectivity, they can be wireless or wired headphones. Those looking for headphones for Hi-Res sound usually opt for the cable .

If you often use public transportation, noise canceling headphones are a must . You will notice the difference by isolating ambient noise pollution. There are also Bluetooth, wireless and TWS headphones. Even today's Bluetooth headphones and True Wireless headphones offer remarkable sound reproduction thanks to aptX, aptX HD and LDAC codecs.

True Wireless earbuds are the ultimate in wireless earbuds. Unlike bluetooth headphones, TWS technology allows completely wireless transmission, the left and right channels do not need a connection, allowing complete freedom of movement, ideal for going to the gym or doing sports while listening to the playlist you want. motivates.

At Concerto you can purchase the best professional headphones for DJs, acoustic engineers, sound technicians, as well as headphones for eSports and gaming, sports or ANC (Active Noise Cancelling).

In this category you will also find the appropriate portable headphones for total isolation from outside sound, getting fully involved in gaming, watching that movie or Netflix series without distractions or attending classes or meetings that require all your concentration. Let yourself be enveloped by the Concerto sound and forget about the rest with any element of this wide range of headphones of unmatched quality.

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