Music collectors often prefer their music library to have a physical dimension. So, if you prefer the analog format you will have a vinyl collection. And if you prefer digital music , with a large collection of music CDs or, looking for higher quality, SACDs.

For many, it is difficult to understand the charm of CD discs, with their 12 cm of holographic reflections on the silver color. However, it is currently the most widespread physical digital medium for music. Firstly, because it offers high quality audio (16-bit/44.1 kHz), which is further increased by the SACD format (24-bit/96KHz), allowing it to be used as a high-fidelity audio source.

In addition, the music CD, which was developed by Sony , has a more affordable size with a booklet and the art of the cover , which allows you to enjoy music in a ritual that involves more senses. But, to do so, you need to have a CD reader, SACD reader or player.

The main difference is that, while a CD player is limited to extracting digital data from the disc, the player has an integrated DAC capable of converting it into an analog sound wave. The analog wave is now ready to be sent to the amplifier and boxes, while the digital signal will have to go through an external DAC when the information comes out of a Compact Disc reader.

Currently, thanks to the various digital connections such as USB, optical digital and/or coaxial inputs, it is easy to send digital sound between devices. Therefore, if your sound system already has a dedicated DAC, or another device that integrates the digital-to-analog converter, you can opt for a player instead of a player.

At Concerto Audio we are a specialist music equipment store. We are located in Playa de San Juan, Alicante, and we ship to all of Spain thanks to the store on our website.

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