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Unconditional music lovers cannot do without a turntable on which to play their vinyl. Successors to the gramophone, record players were the most widely used music player until the advent of the CD. Nowadays, they have become an indispensable piece of music lovers, but not only as an old audio player. The record player, like all other audio systems, has evolved.

He vinyl record is back, and far from being a fad for nostalgia, contemporary artists and important brands linked to technology are bringing vinyl and turntables to the market with features that their predecessors would never have dreamed of. Automatic track playback, turntables with USB connection or bluetooth connection, even turntables with an LCD screen. There are also portable turntables or with built-in speakers. The possibilities are extensive: if you have old vinyl you can get a turntable whose turntable connects to the PC through the USB cable, and thus convert the songs from your old records as digital audio and keep them forever.

Other improvements are directly related to the evolution of materials. You can buy a traditional, electromechanical reproduction turntable, but a wear-resistant ceramic stylus, for example, will extend its life for a low price.

When buying a turntable, be it old or with digital features, make sure it plays a variety of disc sizes, or that supports the size you need to listen to your vinyl. Also take into account the supported playback speeds and the rotation system. The electric motor has the advantage of rotating the platter at a constant speed of 78 RPM, 45 RPM or 33 RPM, which achieves greater fidelity in sound.

Some say that vinyl music sounds better or those who decide to buy a state-of-the-art turntable even for decorative reasons.

In any case, in Concerto you will find retro designs that imitate the first models and others with more modern finishes, manual and automatic turntables, by pulleys, by direct drive or belt turntables, traditional or “digitized” turntables, with various types of needles.

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