Multi-room sound systems and speakers allow you to listen to different music in several rooms with a single sound system. Whether they are wired multi-room systems or multi-room Wi-Fi speakers , you will only need one stereo to listen to the music you want in each room of the house.

Although it is often confused with background music, a multi-room sound system is not the same. The background music allows you to broadcast the same music throughout the house. Multiroom sound systems, on the other hand, allow you to listen to different content in the rooms of the home, at different times or simultaneously. Multiroom audio equipment is often linked to home automation homes, since in most cases, multiroom equipment and speakers can be controlled from a mobile phone , with smartphone apps, or computer programs.

To configure these audio equipment you will have to arrange the different multiroom speakers in the rooms of your house, connect them to the electronics by cable or wireless connection (WiFi, radio frequency, etc.) and indicate which speakers you want to activate. After this small installation, you will be able to play the favorite music of each family member in each of the rooms of the home

At Concerto , we have a wide range of multiroom audio solutions so that you can adapt each room to the profile of whoever is in it. By purchasing multi-room speaker audio equipment, you can listen to music throughout your home or in the different rooms of your office or business comfortably, easily and with Hi-Res sound.

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