S/PDIF cables are another name for coaxial digital audio cables, frequently used in audio equipment with digital sources. SPDIFs transmit data in binary code (zeros and ones), which in order to be emitted as sound by a speaker must first be converted by a DAC.

Coaxial cable, along with fiber optic cable with Toslink connector, are the most used to transmit digital audio. Good quality ones have bandwidth compatible with high sampling rates , ideal for use with CD players and other digital audio sources.

S/PDIF stands for Sony Philips Digital Interface, and these cables establish a type of audio connection in the part of the Sony equipment prior to that in charge of analog audio. Ideal for wiring both digital sources to the audio receiver and sound from home theater systems that use digital sources such as Bluray players.

SPDIF coaxial digital cables may be the most suitable option for your sound equipment. At Concerto Audio we have a catalog of different brands that offer them, such as Atlas , WWC or Nordost . In addition, we can give you advice on Hi-Fi cables for your sound equipment. You can consult our entire catalog of cables in our online HiFi store .

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