Streaming is one of the most modern forms of reproduction. It allows you to download the file as it is being played, instead of having to do it all at once before being able to press play. This is very useful for files hosted online, allowing instant playback . Additionally, it can be applied to your home stereo using the bandwidth of your home network .

Streamers, or network audio players, are HiFi electronic devices that allow you to access the content of online streaming services. And also, immediately and without the need to download, to the libraries you have on the hard drives connected to your home network. Although a streamer can work without the need for an internet connection , you will need a home network to be able to play the file from the source where it is saved.

Most streamers can be controlled with an app for iOS and Android , and sometimes also available for PC and Mac. In this way, the multiple options it offers, such as sources, playlists and equalization, can be easily managed. The network player can even create a playlist by wirelessly accessing multimedia content from different sources , such as Spotify, Tidal, online podcasts or the music library itself, digitized on a hard drive.

At Concerto Audio we have a wide catalog of network audio players. In addition, we know how to integrate them into a Smarthome to get the most out of them. Streaming audio is comfortable, can achieve HD sound, and is capable of adapting to the needs of today's pace of life. Therefore, it is a type of audio that is here to stay.

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