The sound obtained from vinyl is so faint that it needs a specific type of amplification once it leaves the turntable. This is what the phono preamplifier is used for, which although many consider the amplifier for turntables to be a preamplifier.

The phono preamplifier, or turntable preamplifier among other names, is an audio device that amplifies the vinyl signal to line level . This is how you can connect it to your music system, using another device with a phono input as a suitable amplifier.

For example, you can connect the turntable to the preamp, and this to an amplifier for traditional turntables. Or directly to the amplifier in the case of turntables with an integrated preamp.

The analog sound signal is very delicate, and requires special care to preserve its high quality. It is also important to know if the cartridge of the turntable will be MM or MC , since not all preamps are compatible with both technologies.

Phono preamps offer stereo sound. There are no multichannel preamps, since they are designed for use with vinyl records, and the sound of their grooves is only stereo. However, it is one of the pieces capable of making it look more like a classic Hi-Fi equipment . With a turntable, a preamp, an amplifier and a pair of good speakers, music enjoyment is guaranteed.

These devices do not usually require excessive configuration, so their front panel tends to be simple. They also do not need other accessories such as remote controls because once configured they work seamlessly next to the dish. Although the purity of the sound can benefit from a dedicated power supply for the stereo, it is not an a priori essential device.

To select the most suitable phono preamp for your sound system, pay attention to whether it is compatible with MM, MC technology or both. Also to its connectivity, such as the phono input, outputs for RCA inputs ... and, finally, aesthetic issues such as the color black, or whatever, so that it fits with the rest of the devices that make up your music system.

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