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The sound waves emitted by speakers interact with physical surfaces being able to give rise to unwanted effects (resonances, distortions, vibrations, echoes ...). These distortions can be eliminated with acoustic treatment of the room.

In Concerto we have multitude of options for the acoustic conditioning of your room. Prevents sound from being heard badly when hitting or bouncing off walls and furniture. If you want to know how to record without echo, how to enjoy music without resonating against the wall or how to soundproof a room, at least in part, look no further.

There are acoustic absorption treatments, bass traps, diffusers, insulators ... Normally made of foam, they allow correcting the sound and how it interacts with the room to achieve a reproduction without alteration. Acoustically conditioning a room will allow you to enjoy your music whenever and however you want, with the most faithful sound and avoiding distortions in the audio.

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