Pamper your speakers with the best speaker accessories . Whether you want to install the speakers the way you want or upgrade them, this is your section.

Whether it is passive speakers or active boxes, stands are usually one of the most in-demand accessories. The stands or floor-standing speaker supports allow the monitors to be placed at the appropriate height so that, while listening, they are aligned with the user's ear. In this way the best results are achieved. This type of bracket is suitable for studio monitor-type boxes and bookshelf-type Bluetooth speakers.

However, one of the most popular pairs of supports are the brackets to be able to place the speakers on the wall. Depending on the brand of the device, they may have specific brackets. If they do not, you can always use generic supports that are compatible by size and design.

The speakers - accessories section does not end there. It also has bumpers (rubber tips to avoid damaging the most delicate floors) or spikes, also called decoupling tips . Those metal feet in the shape of an inverted cone that serve to avoid resonances and alterations.

Grilles are also an accessory that can completely renew the aesthetics of the speakers without the need for a large outlay. Currently, there are metal or fabric grills, always acoustically transparent. Some speaker grills are round and some are square; Some grills are colored and others can be painted to integrate perfectly with the decoration.

Portable speakers also have a full range of accessories. With optional batteries for some models, as well as covers for others that, in addition to improving their aesthetics, protect them during transport. Replaceable elements such as handles, grilles and batteries are also available among the accessories.

Speaker accessories are a whole world. Whether you are a user of portable models or imposing passive towers, there is a way to improve them. From the speaker cables to the feet, the supports or the brackets that allow them to be hung on the wall. In addition, many of these accessories are cheap or affordable, making them the cheapest way to improve your sound equipment.

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