One of the easiest ways to create a wireless multi-room stereo is to connect your speakers to your home Wi-Fi network. So you can play music wirelessly, in many audio formats. And even controlling it with a virtual assistant like Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant.

Bluetooth speakers are the most popular wireless speakers, but this technology is for sound reception. WiFi speakers, on the other hand, achieve higher quality audio transmissions than the Bluetooth connection, and are indicated for use at home since, outside of this, we do not have a WiFi connection.

A multiroom audio system is one that allows music to be played in different places in the house, synchronously or differently. It is possible to create a multi-room system with just two multi-room speaker systems, which already include all the electronics necessary to connect to each other. They often also have control apps that allow you to configure everything easily from your mobile phone or tablet.

Therefore, wireless speakers are not always a WiFi speaker, nor can they be used to set up multi-room equipment. However, all Wi-Fi speakers must have wireless connectivity.

An extensive guide is not necessary to buy this type of speakers. It is enough to know that these are active boxes, and make sure that they are compatible with the rest of the ecosystem. For example, Bluesound devices will be easier to configure with each other than with a Bose Soundtouch.

One of the great advantages of using the home network to transmit sound is that it allows high quality audio to be sent. In addition, using it it is also possible to stream content that is being played on other compatible devices, such as a WiFi turntable, or that is saved on NAD hard drives or computers connected to the same network.

If you want the same music to play in both the living room and the bedroom, you will only have to select the speakers in both rooms so that they play synchronously. You can control the volume independently, and turn off one and the other as you like. If you later want to have the kitchen speaker also join the synchronized playback, you will only have to select it.

And, if, on the contrary, what you want is for different content to play in the living room, kitchen and bedroom, you can also select it. Multiroom audio is the modern background music, and allows for many more customization options. You can listen to streaming music from Spotify or Amazon Music or your favorite service, also TV, podcasts, radio stations, CDs, vinyl, digital music and everything you want.

At Concerto Audio we are a Multiroom speaker store that also carries out home automation integrations. Therefore, we can help you not only with a buying guide, but also by creating broader ecosystems so that you can enjoy a smart home with great sound equipment.

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