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Speakers are an essential peripheral, they are the last audio element before the ear. When buying speakers for our equipment, it is important to consider two factors to optimize sound: the device from which it is played and the type of environment in which the audio will be heard. The variety of speakers is immense: compact speakers, outdoor speakers, wireless speakers, sound bars with subwoofer, speakers for the car, for the mobile or for the computer.

He loudspeaker determines the ultimate potential of the loudspeaker and its role is fundamental in the quality of the audio. Bookshelf speakers are an ideal choice if we are looking for decent sound at a competitive price. They are usually made up of two boxes, one of them better reproduces the treble and another the bass. To reproduce music or videos with an acceptable quality, slightly better than that of the bookshelf speakers, we find the floor speakers. Their dimensions are larger and they usually house several integrated speakers, some tweeter (specialized to reproduce treble) and in some cases, a subwoofer.

He subwoofer The bass speaker is considered by many to be the most important part of a home theater or good audio equipment. When taking care of the bass, has the mission to avoid distortions and reproduce the sound stored in the audio tracks .1 of multichannel formats.

In Concerto you will also find a floor subwoofer as a separate accessory, and this accessory is the main element to achieve a real and surround sound, offering a clarity in the bass that does not get any other speaker without a subwoofer.

If what you want is a excellent sound quality without looking too much at the price choose 7.1 speakers. Some of our soundbars also incorporate this speaker system combined with the advantages of a simple installation that does not take up too much space.

Do not forget to take a look at our Wireless speakers. In the digital age and the rise of mobility, wireless speakers are a perfect option to take your music everywhere.

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