You have everything you need to enjoy streaming content with the best audio and video quality in Concerto .

Streaming is also known as network playback and allows content to be played without having to transfer it in its entirety to the final device. It is often done either from the Internet or via a wireless connection (WiFi or Bluetooth), although it can also be done via cables such as Ethernet.

A streamer or network player is a device capable of reading the file in its original location (CD or DVD players, internet, NAS servers, storage hard drives) and transmitting it in real time to the devices that will play it (projectors, televisions, speakers…).

In addition, streamers also usually allow access to network content platforms such as Spotify, Tidal or Netflix automatically when they are connected to the internet and can be controlled with an app for a mobile phone or tablet. There are even devices like DACs that have a streaming function.

In addition, it is possible to connect other devices such as headphones and speakers with wireless streaming using Bluetooth transmitters and receivers that provide them with this technology. As well as performing voice streaming with microphones and elements designed specifically for network transmission.

Concerto 's catalog of streamers and network broadcast accessories is made up of a wide range of streaming solutions. On our website you can buy everything related to streaming, both for those who want to include streaming music in their home automation system and for those looking for a network player that is easy to install and easy to use to enjoy their favorite music or videos.

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