Our sound equipment brings the best audio to your home thanks to High Fidelity. HiFi is the sound quality standard that seeks a reproduction that is as faithful as possible to the original interpretation. What audio of such high quality seeks is to sound just as the artist did while it was recorded in the recording studio. Without additives or subtractions.

In the category of Hi-Fi devices and equipment you will find amplifiers, turntables... Also CD or USB audio players, headphones, subwoofers or streamers. As well as accessories to convert your audio system to a HiFi equipment.

You can choose to choose between devices from the same range of your favorite audio brand. Another option is to build your own music system according to your budget and interests. At Concerto we are your trusted audio store and we can advise you so that you can enjoy the highest quality sound in your home.

To choose a complete high-performance HiFi system, consider what the main source will be. There are big differences between analog music equipment and digital music . Playing using an FM radio tuner is not the same as playing a CD player .

The main analog sound medium is the vinyl record. For its part, digital music includes streaming, wireless sound, CDs and any sound file that you can save on your computer.

Of course, this also influences if you already have a previous music library. If you are a vinyl collector, or a firm fan of Compact Discs, you will undoubtedly have this source.

Currently there are other sources of HD music such as streaming from services such as Tidal or Spotify HiFi. These current fonts are compatible with more traditional devices. Like turntables or CD players.

To move the passive speakers of the audio equipment you have to choose a power amplifier or an integrated amplifier . These will function as a power source for the speakers of your hi-fi system, as they are responsible for delivering the power demanded. It is important to choose a power amplifier that matches the demand of the speakers to achieve the best results. If you don't know how to choose it, stop by our sound store because at Concerto we can advise you.

You can also improve your music system by changing or adding HiFi accessories. Among them specific furniture for audio devices, HiFi equalizers and high fidelity speakers.

And if what you want is to test your equipment, why not do it with the soundtrack of the movie High Fidelity. Starring John Cusack and Lisa Bonet among others, it was released in 2000. It takes place in a record store and its OST is a gift for pop music lovers.

At Concerto Audio, as a sound store , we advise you. We also offer you everything you need to enjoy a unique audio experience with the best quality-price ratio.

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