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Televisions are the most frequent way to enjoy audiovisual content such as movies, series, or television programs. Current televisions are flat screen and are available with different technologies: OLED, LCD, LED… That have different resolutions, up to 4K UHD television, which offers you an experience without equal in the resolution of the image. The evolution of technology in televisions now allows us to buy a television with a flat or curved screen. The benefits of cross screens are multiple, based on the fact that the curved screens they gain a couple of centimeters compared to the same size of television in its flat screen version, and in the larger televisions, the feeling of depth and immersion is superior.

Televisions offer comfort when it comes to enjoying both television programming and other content such as DVD, Blu Rays, streaming services such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Filmin, etc ... Also, thanks to SmartTV or smart televisions , it is possible to access them automatically, connecting the television to the internet and managing everything with the remote control.

In Concerto, we advise you on the purchase of the best television for your living room and we explain the differences between the types of television screens and the models available.

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