When we purchase a good television, sound system, speakers, subwoofer or home cinema for our living room, there are some details that will influence our acoustic perception and that have no relation to the type of instruments we buy or how much we spend. We refer to the characteristics of the room and the location of the elements of our equipment.

The situation from which we are going to enjoy the audio or image, the furniture on which the speakers or the player are supported or located, the size of our living room and the strategic placement of all the elements is crucial to achieving a great experience. optimal .

We cannot interfere in the design of the rooms in your house or your premises, but we can provide you with the most appropriate furniture or supports for your speakers, sound bars, television, projector or subwoofer. In Concerto , you will find everything you need to place the different components of your equipment without the material, the walls or the height of the furniture in which they are located hindering the transmission of sound and dirtying the audio.

But audio is not the only factor that we must take into account when purchasing furniture for audio and television systems, the maintenance of the sound equipment also depends on its situation.

Finding which furniture is best for sound equipment and audiovisual systems can be a problem if you do not opt for specific solutions. Audiovisual electronics need minimal space to be ventilated, some devices have problems responding to commands when they are inside a piece of furniture, and connecting the cables of equipment that is stored in a standard piece of furniture can be a nightmare.

If you want to get the most out of your sound equipment and ensure its safety and maintenance, you will need specific furniture. At Concerto you can purchase a wide variety of furniture for the Home Theater, which allows you to install all the equipment in a single piece of furniture with space for cables, and that even hide the wiring or have an insulating function.

Our furniture for audio and television equipment can include remote control compatible doors.

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