Whether your favorite speakers are passive boxes or that you prefer passive speakers to active ones is not incompatible with having a multiroom audio system at home. You just have to equip them with a Multiroom amplifier that, in addition to moving them, can connect to the multiroom system, either by cable or by WiFi network.

Although wireless speakers are often the most immediate way to connect boxes to a multi-room system, many audiophiles prefer to play music with traditional, fully analogue and often high-end boxes. Luckily, it is only necessary to connect them to an integrated stage with multiroom capability. In this way, they will work with the same ease as a pair of multi-room speakers.

These amplifiers are part of the multiroom electronics available. Thanks to them, it is possible to integrate traditional passive speakers into this type of systems, and also allow them to play your favorite music wirelessly. With this type of technology you also control the playback to your liking, being able to select which devices you want to activate or deactivate at any given time.

An amplifier is a key piece in music reproduction. It is the piece that is responsible for increasing the sound so that the wave is able to move the speaker drivers. In fact, speakers that “do not need an amplifier” are only because they already have one integrated.

Having specific electronics is often a guarantee that high quality playback will be obtained. Something really important for those who cultivate the passion of listening to music.

If you want to have an excellent shopping experience and great customer service, count on us. At Concerto Audio we are a speaker store specialized in the best audio and its home automation integration. In this way, we can guide you in your purchase of multi-room sound equipment, so that you can enjoy and control it in the simplest and most integrated way.

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