If Wi-Fi speakers are not enough for you to configure your multi-room music system, you need sound electronics. And among multi-room electronic devices, the player is the king of the audio system. It will be in charge of playing music so that you can enjoy it in the room of your house that you prefer, or in all of them at the same time in a synchronized way.

Piped music is a thing of the past, since we now have multiroom audio. These types of systems allow you to enjoy the same sound playing synchronized throughout the house or, when the time comes, in each room with a different sound. All this, while you control playback wirelessly and easily, either with a smartphone app or remote control.

Listening to music anywhere in your house will be the easiest thing in the world thanks to the multiroom system. Although multiroom speakers connected to the WiFi network can be a great option to create it, a specific player offers greater advantages.

First of all, since it is dedicated electronics, it will ensure that the sound is transmitted in high quality, allowing it to be done wirelessly or by cable. In addition, it will function as a nerve center from where you can control which speakers you want to activate or deactivate, starting the playback of your favorite music.

You can even connect the multiroom player to an AV receiver to add your home theater equipment to your home multiroom system along with the rest of the wireless speakers, high-end or not. Thus, you can enjoy different content, such as streaming music services (Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music...), the sound of concerts and Blu-ray movies, podcasts, online radio stations...

The power is in your hand and at Concerto Audio we can help you choose the best multiroom player for you. We are a sound store in Alicante, specialized in home automation integration, so your smarthome can also have great sound equipment.

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