When it comes to home cinema, sound is as important as image, if not more. Quality sound emphasizes the action and makes the image more readable.

The film industry is aware that good sound is essential to achieve a completely immersive experience. For this reason, it constantly improves the audio quality in movies with next-generation formats such as Blu-Ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray. Manufacturers of Home Cinema elements, amplifiers, sound bars, Blu-Ray players and speakers also do the same.

Getting the sound of movie theaters at home is becoming easier and more accessible thanks to the development of audiovisual technologies. Discover another way to enjoy movies or your series with a Home Cinema amplifier, a Blu-Ray player or A/V receiver and a subwoofer compatible speaker package. But improving the audio on your television is not limited to series or movies, but to any video you play on it after getting the Home Cinema equipment. Imagine reliving that concert in your living room or playing your favorite video game as if you were inside him.

In addition, cables are now completely dispensable. Wireless Home Cinema is now a reality both in Home Cinema accessories (speakers and subwoofer) and for your own headphones. This way you can experience first-hand the 360º sound of a large movie theater without disturbing anyone.

Choose from a selection of speakers and subwoofers to build your bespoke home cinema or purchase a complete home cinema kit , ready to use right out of the box.

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