Floor-standing speakers , also called speaker columns, towers or floor-standing speakers, are the boxes par excellence that we all think of when we imagine good equipment. Their size gives them an imposing presence, while allowing them to powerfully reproduce all types of musical passages in High Fidelity .

The pairs of floor-standing speakers are sized so that, when playing, the user's ear is at the level of the main sound frequencies. In this way, the best acoustic experience is achieved, with a clear and three-dimensional sound scene. Furthermore, thanks to modern designs such as those with bass reflex ports, the addition of a subwoofer to enhance the bass becomes merely optional.

It must be taken into account that the size and power offered by column speakers require minimal space to sound good. Small rooms can lead to reflected sound and other disturbances if these types of speakers are used, so for small spaces it would be better to choose monitor speakers. However, if you have a medium or large sized space, towers are one of the best options to fill it with sound.

However, the dominance of floor-standing speakers is not limited to stereo equipment . This type of speaker is often used to drive the front left and right channels in multi-channel home theater equipment. Thanks to its power and the quality of detail of High Fidelity, movies and series sound fabulous. Of course, in these cases, at least one subwoofer is usually added to the rest of the channels so that the movies resonate with greater drama.

It is also necessary to take into account, in the case of passive boxes, what amplification demand they have. There are more efficient speakers and others that are more demanding, so having an amplifier capable of moving them both peaks and continuously is very important.

At Concerto we are a speaker and sound store that can send your speakers to Madrid, Barcelona and anywhere in Spain . We are located in Alicante and, whether because you want to visit us or virtually, we can advise you so that you know which floor-standing speakers are the best for your equipment.

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