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Based on the precepts of the MasterSoundWorks concept of Esoteric, the Grandioso M1 is a formidable monophonic power amp that has been designed to achieve a reproduction of music capable of competing with the best live performance and fully transmitting the essence of each recording. Not surprisingly, MasterSoundWorks is a philosophy that was created by the Japanese firm to bring to life with maximum realism the brilliant remastering in SACD of some of the most celebrated classical music records in history. With an aesthetic that matches that of the CD / SACD transport mechanism Great P1 and monophonic digital audio processor Grandioso D1, the Grandioso M1 is an ultra-modern power stage that has been made possible thanks to the use of advanced, expensive and very high-performance components, such as the imposing bipolar transistors of very high linearity with an instantaneous current delivery capacity of 34 amps. (LAPT, “Linear Amplified Power Transistor”) and a gigantic (3,057 VA, 18 kg of weight) custom-made power transformer accompanied by an imposing bank of capacitors.
With a fully balanced circuit topology comprised of two separate modules (each consisting of six parallel push-pull blocks arranged in a three-stage Darlington configuration) minimized signal paths and a current amplification stage equipped with its own power source. power supply, the Estoteric Grandioso M1 is capable of delivering spectacular continuous power to a wide range of loads while preserving dynamic gradations at all times (thanks in large part to a damping factor of 1,000 that allows for tight control of the woofers more “difficult”) and exhibiting an astonishing signal-to-noise ratio (122 dB). To this is added a mechanical structure that, as in the system
Esoteric Grandiose P1 / D1, helps to effectively separate the different circuit subsystems and thus suppress the potentially harmful effects of mechanical vibrations and electromagnetic interference.
Features: - Absolute reference monophonic power amp based on the exclusive MasterSoundWorks concept of
Esoteric. - All metal construction with separate blocks and minimized signal paths. - Executed with components and liabilities of the highest quality. - Toroidal power transformer of 3,057 VA and 18 kg of weight. - Current amplification stage equipped with its own power supply. - 1 Mohm input impedance to achieve optimal adaptation with all types of preamps. - Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) input. - Output power of 300 continuous watts over 8 Ω, 600 continuous watts over 4Ω or 1,200 continuous watts over 2Ω. - Frequency response of 5 - 100,000 Hz, +0 dB, -3 dB. - Dimensions: 491 x 221.5 x 535 mm (W x H x D). - Weight: 62 kg.
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