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E-Glo is a phono preamplifier with tube circuitry completely free of semiconductors in its signal path. Mounts four ECC83 and two ECC88. In the fully balanced input stage, we install a Lundahl step-up transformer with an amorphous core, type LL1932. The unit gain is 45db, plus the voltage gain of the step-up transformer. The E-Glo amplifier section uses fully passive split equalization, with no equalization in the overall negative feedback loop, which can damage the sound. At this level of performance, only the best components will suffice. The output capacitor choice is the highly praised Mundorf. All other capacitors are WIMA. Teflon-insulated Mundorf connectors have been chosen for their unparalleled integrity. To ensure maximum flexibility, to ensure perfect matching with a wide range of cartridges, the E-Glo provides capacitance loading for moving magnet types in six user-interchangeable steps from 47pF to 900pF.

The loading resistance for moving coil cartridges is continuously adjustable. Its heart is a custom-made toroidal transformer. The transformer has double shielding between the primary and secondary windings. This prevents RFI intrusion, while acting as a superior network filter. Separate power supplies power the tube phono preamplifier because the best way to protect a mains transformer from electromagnetic radiation is to keep it away from electronic components. Metal shielding alone cannot perform the task, as well as a separate power supply. For the rectifier circuit, EAT special diodes equipped with noise suppression resistors. High-quality electrolytic capacitors are also used, followed by a voltage regulator with a capacitor multiplier. The power component is a FET transistor. A delight to the eyes, the E-Glo's sleek design is housed in a 435 x 60 x 250mm chassis, and the tubes peek out through cleverly designed heatsinks reminiscent of the two reels of a tape deck. from reel to reel. Along the front section are rows of switches for instant access to all settings.


  • MC input impedance: 10,20,40,80,150,300,600,1200 Ohm / 70dB 2,5,10,20,40,80,150,300 Ohm / 76dB
  • Load capacity: pF
  • Output impedance:
  • Gain 1 MC: 76dB
  • Gain 2 MC: 70dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: MM 65dBV (80dBV - IEC -A) MC 65dBV (79dBV - IEC -A)
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