Powered speakers give you high-quality, professional sound without the need for an amplifier.

Its system includes a power stage that allows you to regulate the bass, treble and midrange from the speaker itself so that you have total control of the sound according to your preferences.

Online store of active speakers

At Concerto we have a wide catalog of this product so you can enjoy high fidelity sound both indoors and outdoors.

From among all our products you can choose the speaker that best suits your needs.

with bluetooth

With which you can play your favorite music easily through your tablet or smartphone.

With USB

Connect your pendrive to your active professional speakers and enjoy your music anywhere.

With battery

Perfect for when the power grid is not available nearby, so you can enjoy your music both indoors and outdoors without the need for cable.

Tips when buying professional self-powered speakers

Below we leave you some tips that you should take into account before purchasing your pair of active speakers.

Type of use: Choose if you need them to improve the audio output of your computer, for the digital output of the TV or simply to enjoy your music through Bluetooth without the need for cables.

Connections: You have them with Bluetooth, with USB, with a 3.5mm jack type analog connection and even through the famous RCA or optical and coaxial connection. In addition to having Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and its batteries, which allow you to enjoy music from anywhere.

Sale of self-powered speakers

Get your pair of self-powered speakers online and enjoy your favorite music with high-quality sound in every sense.

If, like us, you are a true fan of enjoying sound at an unprecedented level, we are sure that our products are your best choice.

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