Boenicke Audio W13 SE+
Boenicke Audio W13 SE+
Boenicke Audio W13 SE+
Boenicke Audio W13 SE+

Boenicke Audio W13 SE+

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Evolution of the W13 SE Version, the W13 SE+ Version constitutes the maximum expression of the talent of its creator, Sven Boenicke, and therefore of a philosophy guided by an unconditional passion for music that he himself summarizes with the following words: “It is He may have spent more time in concert halls recording music than most speaker manufacturers. Wherever I go, the sound of real instruments is with me. In my memory, in my body, and I promise you can hear it in our products.” The SE+ Version is an extremely sophisticated three-speaker, three-way speaker that, starting from Boenicke Audio 's characteristic natural, computer-optimized internal labyrinth enclosure, incorporates a series of unique solutions that make it a product simply from another galaxy. . This is the case of the bass subsystem, made up of two woofers with a 330 mm diameter cone that have been designed for large displacements. In turn, both transducers are driven by a 2 x 350 watt Class D amplification module managed by DSP with 4 user preselections to optimize integration in any room. Also the midrange speaker, equipped with a 152 mm diameter wooden cone, has been custom made following the demanding specifications of Boenicke Audio , while incorporating one of the Swiss firm's exclusive parallel electromechanical resonators. It includes a first-order low-pass filter although not a high-pass filter, to which exclusive elements are added to optimize its key parameters. The W13 SE+ Version is completed with a 75 mm diameter wide-bandwidth tweeter with a first-order high-pass filter, combined with one of the Swiss company's exclusive parallel electromechanical resonators. Of the W13 SE+ Version, we must also highlight the presence of the highly imaginative “Quantum Purifiers” from Bybee, a circuit specifically designed to linearize the phase response curve and the unique SwingBase rear feet from Boenicke Audio . This elitist column is completed by the exclusive Steinmusic Speaker Match Signature connection elements, which allow the box-amplifier interface to be optimized. The result, aided by the presence of a rear-panel-mounted ambient tweeter whose filtering circuit includes one of Mundorf's renowned MCap Supreme capacitors, is an exceptionally compelling presentation of all types of musical recordings.


  • Absolute reference speaker (column).
  • 2 woofers with a diameter of 330 mm.
  • Bass section with dedicated 2 x 350W Class D amplifier.
  • Bass section with DSP management and 3 user presets.
  • Custom made wood cone midrange speaker.
  • Midrange driver with dedicated parallel electromechanical resonator.
  • Wide passband mid/treble speaker.
  • Mid/Treble speaker with dedicated parallel electromechanical resonator.
  • Series electromechanical resonators in midrange and midrange/treble speakers.
  • Rear panel mounted ambient tweeter.
  • Internal wiring with optimized signal orientation.
  • Bybee Quantum Purifiers.
  • Improved amplifier interface via Steinmusic Speaker Match Signature.
  • Adding Harmonix Tuning Bases to the mid/treble speaker.
  • Dedicated circuit to increase the linearity of the in-phase response curve.
  • Frequency divider filter with Duelund Silver Foil decoupling capacitor.
  • Enclosure built entirely of natural wood (5 options available).
  • WBT NextGen connection terminals.
  • Nominal impedance 6 ohms (minimum 2 ohms at 120 Hz).
  • Sensitivity of 89 dB/W/m (depending on frequency).
  • SwingBase rear feet supplied as standard.
  • Dimensions: 180 x 1,050 x 390 mm (W x H x D).
  • Weight: 40 kg (depending on the version and the wood used).

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Boenicke Audio W13 SE+

Boenicke Audio W13 SE+

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