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New expression of the search for the perfect sound that characterizes Krell since its founding, the Illusion is a stereophonic preamp that shares the same aesthetics of power amps with iBias technology Krell, as well as the brand's exclusive CAST interconnect technology and extraordinary (optional) filtering flexibility with menu management. Composed, as the tradition of Krell when it comes to absolute reference preamps, for two independent blocks, the Illusion uses a fully balanced double mono circuit topology with separate power for each channel. All signal gain is carried out in circuits executed with surface mount technology with exclusive subsystems, highlighting the absence of feedback and an exceptionally generous open loop bandwidth (1.5 MHz). Likewise, the Illusion works in the exclusive “Current Mode” of Krell, which by using current signals prevents possible voltage fluctuations from affecting the delicate audio circuits. With regard to the power supply unit, only discrete components are used in order to respond quickly to the most demanding instantaneous current demands while presenting maximum immunity against the most severe variations in the signal from the electrical network. A 290 VA transformer and a bank of capacitors that add up to a total capacity of 41,600 uF ensure an exceptional response to musical transients. The Illusion is completed with connectivity at the level of a product of its class and price, highlighting the presence of the exclusive Krell CAST current signal, as well as balanced and unbalanced analog inputs and outputs, subwoofer outputs (balanced and unbalanced) and jacks to facilitate integration into custom systems.
Features: - Absolute reference stereophonic preamplifier. - Composed of two independent blocks. - Double monophonic and balanced circuit architecture. - Operation in the "Current Mode" exclusive to
Krell. - Optional filter circuit with menu management. - Frequency response: 0.35 - 720,000 Hz, +0 dB, -3 dB. - Signal / noise ratio greater than 109 dB. - Gain of 6 dB in unbalanced mode / 12 dB in balanced mode. - Dimensions of the set: 438 x 192 x 464 mm (W x H x D). - Weight of the set: 20.8 kg.
Internal crossover card option with various selectable settings for € 3,390; plus.

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