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The direct repository of the remarkable conceptual and technological advances that made the monumental “The Sonus faber” possible, the Aida is also a product in which innovation plays a key role. Thus, it uses a 3.5-way configuration mounted in a lyre-shaped enclosure that allows, compared to other solutions previously applied by Sonus faber, to significantly increase the structural robustness of the set and guarantee perfect management of the energy generated inside the the acoustic box. Another element that confirms the uniqueness of the Aida is the presence of a shaft made of a non-magnetic steel alloy that firmly holds the internal spaces corresponding to the transducers of the front sound radiation system (consisting of a tweeter, a midrange speaker and two woofers). To this must be added the concept of Tuned Mass Damper ("Tuned Mass Damper"; an element designed to handle dispersion and spurious vibrations), the exclusive ZVT scheme ("Zero Vibration Transmission" or Vibration Free Transmission, derived directly The Sonus model is fundamental when decoupling the loudspeaker from the surface that supports it) and the so-called “Stealth Reflex” (which provides important advantages in terms of extension of the bass response and reduction of the associated distortion to it, and also). Likewise, the Aida incorporates another exclusive Sonus faber system called “Sound Field Shaper” (Sound Field Shaper, materialized in a rear emission subsystem consisting of a tweeter and a midrange speaker) designed exclusively to achieve a perfect balance between direct sound. and reflected). But what is undoubtedly the most imaginative refinement of the new Sonus faber is a hybrid suspension system dubbed the "Bow Spring" that combines a kind of "leaf spring" as a flexing structure and a progressive action elastomer in order to reduce spurious resonances and acoustic feedback. With regard to direct emission, it is necessary to highlight the presence of the exclusive front DAD tweeter (“Damped Apex Dome” or “Damped Apex Dome”, a mixture of classic dome and annular transducer) for the reproduction of the high frequencies of the spectrum. without any harmonic or spatial limitation. Also the finishes of the Aida are "Out of Parameters", with two external "wings" that embrace the central body of the enclosure, which in turn closes at the base (which hides the "track 0'5", a sophisticated radiator of 320 mm diameter subwoofer and lower emission designed by Sonus Faber) by means of the aforementioned "Arched Spring", made of aerospace grade anodized aluminum, and in whose upper area there is a tempered glass mirror that enhances the timeless beauty of a product built by hand in Italy.


  • Absolute reference loudspeaker composed of a main front system and a rear subsystem to control the direct field / reverberant field ratio.
  • 3.5-way “Stealth” bass-reflex system with sound field shaping technology and Sonus faber exclusive transmission suppression scheme.
  • Lyre-shaped enclosure with curved multilayer panels and various internal sub-enclosures.
  • Ultra-rigid 320mm diameter bottom-loaded cone subwoofer designed by Sonus faber.
  • Non-resonant crossover filter with amplitude response and optimized phase executed with audiophile grade components and cut-off points at 55, 180, 250 and 3,000 Hz.
  • Made completely by hand in Italy.
  • Frequency response: 20 - 35,000 Hz.
  • Sensitivity: 92 dB / W / m.
  • Nominal impedance: 4 Ohm.
  • Recommended amplification power: 100 - 1,000W continuous.
  • Dimensions: 482 x 1,725 x 780 mm (W x H x D).
  • Net weight: 165 kg per box.
  • Price of the pair.
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