A preamplifier or previous is the piece of sound electronics that is responsible for preparing the signal so that it reaches the amplifier in an optimal way.

In many cases, a preamplifier can be the difference between high fidelity sound and lower quality sound. The function of this device is to provide an adequate path to the signal, serve as a selector for different sound sources and increase the level of the signal, facilitating the work of amplification .

They are often confused with phono preamps . However, these are a basic piece of sound equipment that uses a turntable as a source, while the preamplifier can work with various audio sources.

The preamp is the first step of the sound once it goes to the speakers. By drawing power from the power supply, you will increase the line level as much as the amplifier needs to operate easily. Subsequently, the amplifier will raise the power of the signal until it can move the drivers of the speakers, generating the sound.

A good amplifier will maintain the acoustic signal with high quality .

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