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The tube amplification, or amplification with vacuum lamps, it is the oldest. A century after its invention, however, it has many followers. The defenders of this type of tube amplifier, compared to the more modern methods such as the transistor amplifier or the Class D digital amplifier, indicate that the tube amplifier works at very high voltages, which allows to achieve a sound with greater dynamics.

In addition, a tube amplifier makes a “warm sound”. This is due to the fact that, when the vacuum lamp approaches the saturation point, it powers harmonics that were not in the original signal (second harmonic, third harmonic…), causing harmonic distortion. However, when harmonic distortion affects even harmonics it is pleasant to the human ear, generating that warm sound enhanced by being a fully analog amplifier.

At Concerto, we know that many audiophiles looking for a classic stereo system want a tube amplifier, which is why we offer a selection of the best tube amps available on the marketas well as replacement valves to enjoy a traditional Hi-Fi sound.

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