Speaker cables by the meter allow you to obtain customized wiring for your equipment, without excess that becomes a hindrance. Having good audio cables is essential to enjoy High Fidelity, especially in the High End. The high quality of Hi-Fi equipment can be compromised if the connection of the electronics with the speakers is not done with good cables, such as those made of pure copper .

The speaker cables are responsible for transferring to the speaker all the detail, the full frequency range, the power and the clarity that the sound electronics manage to recreate. It is a common mistake not to set aside a budget item to obtain HiFi cables , which ends up affecting the final quality of the sound equipment.

At Concerto Audio we have a selection of speaker cables by the meter or already made, as well as different types of cables: balanced XLR cables, coaxial cables, HDMI cables, and all the wiring you may need for your audiovisual equipment or sound system. . We have highly prestigious brands in hi-fi cables such as Van den Hul , Inakustik , Transparent Audio , Wireworld Cable or Yter .

Additionally, as expert installers we can advise you on which cables are most suitable for your equipment . As with other pieces, it makes no sense to buy very high-end cables for an entry-level sound system, just as vice versa. Enjoying good cables will avoid signal interference, data loss during transmission and having to change them in a short time thanks to their durability .

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