Whether through WiFi, Bluetooth or radio frequency, wireless sound is a reality capable of offering high quality . Wireless audio transmission is part of digital audio. For devices that do not have this function as standard, you can opt for transmitters and receivers that allow them to send or receive Bluetooth audio.

High-quality digital audio transmission is possible thanks to current technology. With standards such as Bluetooth 5.0, True Wireless Stereo, Wi-Fi, AAC or aptX HD , it is possible to achieve this with all guarantees. In order for your audio system to send its sound to Bluetooth speakers or wireless headphones, you will need a wireless transmitter. On the other hand, if what you want is for your speakers to receive the signal wirelessly, you will need a Bluetooth receiver or wireless receiver.

It is recommended that you take into account the guarantees offered by Bluetooth devices. If you're just going to listen to music, latency is a spec you shouldn't worry about. However, if you want to use them with a computer or a television to enjoy audiovisual content - video games, movies, series, sports, etc. -, you will have to look for devices with low latency . Otherwise, you will hear the sound a few seconds behind the image, which can completely ruin the experience.

Wireless headphones with microphone are also a very suitable device for use with smartphones and tablets. In addition, with modern wireless multiroom systems, you can also play synchronized music throughout your home without having to run a single cable thanks to compatible speaker systems. And as a remote control, you will only need to download an app on your mobile. Although if you want it even easier, there are also Bluetooth speakers that work without an app. Only with the integrated control buttons.

Whatever you are looking for, at Concerto Audio we are a specialist store in Speakers. Our Showroom is located in Alicante and we deliver free shipping throughout Spain (check conditions). We can advise you on the best wireless sound device for your home or your needs.

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