A power amplifier is a High Fidelity electronic device designed to amplify the audio signal so that it is powerful enough to be reproduced by speakers. Also known as power amplifiers, they handle high amounts of current so they often have protection circuitry for common fault conditions.

The power stage is the last step before the audio signal travels to the speakers to be reproduced. The power it is capable of emitting will be conditioned by the speakers to which it is connected. There are speakers that are easy to move, while others, such as towers with multiple drivers, may require a professional level of power to reproduce adequately.

There are multichannel power stages, stereo stages and mono stages . They differ from integrated amplifiers in that they have fewer electronic functions, limiting themselves to receiving the signal and amplifying it. In stages with more than one channel, you can bridge the signal , so that only one of the channels receives double the amplification. On certain types of speakers, it is also possible to power each driver with a mono stage individually. It is not the cheapest option, but it allows you to obtain sublime results.

Power amplifiers are a suitable device to be part of a classic music system. That is, with various electronic devices and diversified functions. In addition, the stages are good and efficient for driving difficult speakers, as they are designed exclusively to amplify the power of the signal they receive, and not for other functions such as selecting the source or converting the signal to analog.

With XLR or RCA inputs and outputs , they connect to speakers and allow sound to flow. Additionally, a good power amplifier is immune to obsolescence. The reason is that, if you are able to amplify the signal without distorting it, and offer a signal with a certain watt of power, you will be able to do it both today and in 20 or 50 years.

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